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Description Pictures is for writers, artists, image makers, bloggers, and digital nomads, and those building a social business online. Here you will find great resources and tools to build your spot online.

Words alone are powerful (see dictionaries, novels and poetry). Images alone are powerful, see drawings, photographs, stills, moving images. However, combining words and images is phenomenal, see magazines, newspapers, websites, encyclopedias, Tmovies. You can describe the world and how it works with words and pictures.

The website highlights how we communicate through descriptions (words) and pictures (images or visuals) in communication and in story-telling:

Definitions from the Merriam Webster


Description is a noun.

Description is “an act of describing specifically, discourse intended to give a mental image of something experienced, beautiful beyond description”.

Pictures is a noun.

A picture is “a design or representation made by various means (such as painting, drawing, or photography), description so vivid or graphic as to suggest a mental image or give an accurate idea of something: MOTION PICTURE”.

As a transitive verb, picture is “to paint or draw a representation, image, or visual conception of. to DEPICT, to ILLUSTRATE, to describe graphically in word, to form a mental image of, to IMAGINE.”

Creativity underpins communication And the good news is everyone can be creative. Exploring and expanding the creative aspects of yourself makes you happy. The creative process is big portion play and another portion problem-solving. Engaging in a creative play is exercise for your mind. The process from research and preparation to mixing and arrange descriptions and pictures leads to insight and illumination. In neuroscience,  discoveries show that creativity engages the left side and the right side of the brain in a variety of cognitive processes, and uses several brain regions at different times in the process.




The mission

  • CREATE: to enable individuals and companies to create with ecological design and regenerative sustainable practices in mind

  • SHARE: to enable creatives to share their ideas and knowledge

  • EDIT: to rewrite, to edit, to proofread

  • PRODUCE: to produce and to assist others to produce information to increase universal knowledge

  • PLAY: to play is to be creative, to work as if its play, to work with ease and effort, joy, kindness, and creativity melded in a positive atmosphere

  • COMMUNICATE: to communicate ideas to make the world a peaceful and beautiful place

  • COLLABORATE: to collaborate with others takes humility, to give up a little of yourself to get a little of someone else, to partner up and to create something unexpected.