“Finally write that book” Project

“Finally write that book” Project

Total fee: €1800 for three months

The “Finally write that book” Project is fantastic opportunity to get your writing project done. The project follows a three month traject where you get me as a mentor to motivate you to write your book now. During the three month period, we join forces in a partnership to get your book written. I will be your mentor promising to keep you on track. We look at your idea in detail, design the structure of the book, create a project plan, define the schedule, start research, jump into writing and then to editing, and complete the manuscript.

Mary Pickford, writing at her desk, 1918
Photograph of a prolific producer Mary Pickford: By Hartsook Photo [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
In each phase, you will be following a strict writing

Discuss idea and outline the structure of your book,

Start research, define schedule, and block out chapters

Begin the writing assignments as per plan, start writing

Review feedback and continue writing

Rate: €600 per month


Writing phase, at full speed

Follow strict schedule

Writing and staying on track

Weekly follow-ups

Review feedback

Rewriting/editing phase

Continue editing

Begin proofread phase

Finalize the manuscript for publishing

Send in completed chapters for feedback

Rate: €600 per month

schedule as follows:




As a former magazine editor with 15 years of experience in traditional media (newspapers, magazines, fanzines, radio) and 14 years of experience in online media, I am looking forward to looking over your writing material and providing feedback, professional insight, and advice on getting your project done.

With my intrinsic capacity for the craft of writing combined with my curious and inquisitive nature, I can’t wait to take a look at your writing material. I will review your work or your idea objectively and give you honest and realistic review, feedback, advice and next steps. Like most editors, I love the all aspects of the writing and editing process from the flowering of the idea, researching the subject, outlining, planning, structuring, writing itself, crafting sentences, sketching, writing, editing, adding polish, re-editing, proofreading, to presenting it to the world. I am extremely thorough and always dive deep into any project I take on. Having worked in the dynamic world of art and design, I understand what is artistic and commercial, what is “trending”, what is interesting to the reader, what is inspirational, ground-breaking. So we need to strive to reach for the stars with our work every time. Dream big.

If we connect and decide to work together, my aim is to inspire you to actualize your idea and to produce exceptional work.

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