About Description Pictures

Do you need an editor? Do you need a writer? Do you need a proofreader? Do you need a mentor? Do you need content for your website?  Do you need product descriptions for your catalogue? Do you need content that is genuine and true to your brand? Do you want to save time and move forward on your projects? 

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you are in the right place. Description Pictures is the right place.

Based in Belgium, Description Pictures is an editing and writing studio for professionals, artists, artisans, curators, gallerists, designers, filmmakers, ecologists, technologists, sellers, makers, craftspeople, cooks, psychologists, sociologists, historians, entrepreneurs, SME, NGOs, publishers, and writers… Are you involved in the world of design, architecture, archeology, fashion, ecology, sustainability, design, science, invention, health, living, science, academia, technology, history, travel, music, photography, media, and film? Then I can work with you. I am Sharifa Jamaldin, writer, editor, and web designer, based in the amazing city of Antwerp. It is a real pleasure for me to write, to edit, to inform, to educate, to express. Let me take on that writing or editing task for you. 

The craft of writing, editing, storytelling combined with images is an breathtaking endeavour creating a myriad of individual impressions and expressions. The combination of descriptions and pictures in right balance is the key to clear communication. I can help with getting the content part just right at whatever stage you are in your project. Let’s get to work.

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Please reach out and let me know about your project. Indicate which editorial service you’re interested in and I will reach out to you within 2-3 days. Fill out contact form below.

Note: As standard in the industry, partial payment is expected up front after we agree to work together. Review the terms and conditions.


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Description Pictures MISSION Statement

  • to assist others to communicate their ideas and knowledge through words and pictures
  • to provide outstanding editing and proofreading services
  • to enable individuals and companies to showcase their work, stories, and ideas in the best light, cocooned in a blanket of style and thoughtfulness, always with ecological design and practices in mind.
  • to assist others to produce information to increase universal knowledge
  • to work with ease and effort, joy, kindness, and creativity melded under an open and flexible atmosphere.
  • to communicate ideas to make the world a peaceful and beautiful place